The Iris Barbie

The fourth Barbie in the Flowers in Fashion Collection is the Iris Barbie.  The first one that I posted was the Orchid Barbie I posted a few weeks ago.  The Collection had four in this order: The Rose, The Orchid, The Calla Lily,  and The Iris.

Her hair was nicely coiffed in a net but I pulled it off and it made her hair a bit unruly and flyaway-ish. I wished I left it alone!

The dress is all satin and taffeta materials. Gorgeous colors.

On the same note, I just found these white reblooming irises in my garden. One of them I accidentally spilled dirt on it but it stands out beautifully in the garden.

That’s all for now. I will be posting about the Calla Lily Barbie next time as it is my next favorite one.

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