Colorific Fall Flowers

I thought this autumn was going to be a pretty dull season as far as flowers go but turns out to be quite exuberant!  Given that this summer’s blooms have been a little bland, I was very surprised to see some really beautiful flowers in my garden last week.

My first daffodil of the season makes an appearance. I just hope my dog doesn’t trample on them while chasing the neighbor’s cats! It has been so dark by the time I came home from work that I barely catch a glimpse of my garden.  This was shot within the 10 minute window I have before it goes completely dark outside.

My new favorite flower for fall is this abutilon. This one is called “Little Sunshine”. I had a pink one that flowered a few weeks ago but it wasn’t as prolific as this one. These have flowered nonstop for the past 2 months since I purchased it.  I think I will have to look into other colors soon.

Anemones that I planted in late spring just bloomed.  These white ones look like the De Caen mix. For some reason I wanted to call it  “White Wedding” anemones.  I have seen it in wedding bouquets so that’s why the name came up.  Anemones are so pretty but they are so short-lived, blooming only for a few days and so delicate. They are good to keep in containers as their bulbs are small and shallowly planted, it’s easy to lose it in my weed-filled garden.

I AM IN LOVE with ornamental kale such as this one below! The bloom on this is A-MAZING. I love the rose form of this thing but most of all the colors! Wow! I have found seeds for other colors that I will be growing in a few weeks. I can’t wait! This flower is huge, slightly larger than a salad plate. My dog was trying to eat the bottom leaves but I wedged it between some thorny roses so he couldn’t get to them.

These “Big Kiss White Flame” hybrid gazanias are great flowers to grow too, they’ve flowered off and on since late spring. I love that they are unique and are low maintenance plants. Apparently some creature in the garden likes to eat its flowers as you can see the munched-up petals.

The plant below is called euphorbia x martinii “Ascot Rainbow”.  It is such a nice plant with its tinge of pink amongst yellow and green leaves. This is something you don’t see too often, I think.  I love unique looking plants.  If you walk in my garden, you would see a mish-mash of interesting things strewn about.

Well, that’s all for today.  Have a great weekend!  Next post in a few days will be the unveiling of the Iris Barbie from the Flowers Collection. You probably saw the first one I posted called the Orchid Barbie a few weeks ago.  Gorgeous, gorgeous!

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