Autumn Blooms

I don’t know why but the last few weeks I haven’t felt motivated to write a post. It seems like sometimes I work so hard to write something I am so excited about but no one is reading it or seeing it! It makes me feel a little sad. This is the point where many new bloggers may want to give up, I guess. I spent the last few weeks asking myself if I should but I don’t usually give up easily. I talked myself into writing at least one post at a time. I told myself I need to give myself more time. Nothing happens overnight, a year, two years, or even four! I gotta keep trudging on, I say!

In a previous post, I mentioned I don’t promote my posts on ANY popular social media sites and I don’t pay for any special Premium subscription to get extra plugins or any Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo stuff on WordPress. I know these things help new bloggers to get noticed but I don’t like those websites. I choose to do this the hard way because that’s how I’ve always done things.

So I shall continue to post as usual for the five or so of you who are reading this. Thank you for your patronage and likes in all my previous posts.

Here are some of my favorite new flowers these past weeks:

Abutilon “Talini’s Pink”

Anisodontea “Strybing Beauty”

Strybing Beauty is a fast grower. This plant was only 8 inches last November and it is now about 7 feet and all over the place.I really need to trim them.

Thomcord Grapevine

I love the pretty reddish leaves of this vine. I’ve had it for two years now and still no fruit. I’ve read that it produces fruit after four years, so we’ll see.

Plum Perfect Floribunda Rose

Zephyranthes Rosea “Rain Lily Rose”

These tiny little Rain Lily Rose flowers are about an inch big but the colors are vibrant deep pink, almost purple but once again my phone camera – camera phone failed me in capturing purples. This looks pink but the true color is a dark magenta.

Tradescantia Pallida “Purple Queen”

Pretty zinnia and chrysanthemums at my desk! So lovely and lasts more than a week and a half. These two look great together, don’t they?

That’s all for now. Have a great week ahead!


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