Rhyming and Flowers

This post is short and sweet.

See my flowers?

See how they grow?

Some are new and some are old.

Some are in a pot and some are…in the ground.

Lol. Terrible right? That’s all I can muster this week.

Peach Cascade Hibiscus

No Name Hibiscuses


Strybing Beauty

Blushing Susie Thunbergia

Mimosa Pudica

Campanula Latifolia ‘Brantwood’

Pink Powder Puff Calliandra Emarginata

Ablution ‘Little Sunshine’

Melody Gypsy Dahlia

Rain Lily Rose

Bonsai Trees

This past spring I started posting about my bonsai trees. I started out with two wisterias and a bougainvillea. You can read about that here. Now, I added a few more to my collection.

Japanese Wisteria

I love flowering trees. I don’t have enough yard space for a lot of the trees I wanted to own so turning them into bonsai is the way go!

Blue Moon Wisteria

All the plants I purchased are seedlings or small plants not bonsai stock from bonsai retailers so I’m not sure how they will do down the line. Whenever I get a new tree, I always leave it undisturbed in its pot for several months before I repot them into bonsai pots. Doing this helps the plant to get used to the environment before trimming roots and stems which can be stressful for them AND me!

Pink Bougainvillea

I learned the hard way that even though bougainvilleas are heat and drought tolerant, as a bonsai tree, they need a daily watering in high temperatures too. This one lost a lot of leaves since this spring. Good news is that there are new leaves forming.

Right now, all of my plants are new so I am not at the wire training stage yet but will start in the late fall or winter. I really want to take some time and check out the different wiring forms of each tree beforehand. Do I bend them to the left, the right, straight, etc? There are so many interesting shapes to turn trees into!

Weeping Willow
Weeping Willow
Honeysuckle (Lonicera Purpurea)
Kwanzan Cherry Tree

As you can see all of the trees above needs trimming and training. I will update you with that hopefully this winter when some of them will go dormant. I also have some red quince, red maple, dogwood, yellow magnolia, and a ginkgo tree that I am waiting to get established before I turn them into bonsai trees.

Have a wonderful weekend! I hope you enjoyed my bonsai post.