I recently became a convert of nasturtiums. For a long time I thought nasturtiums come in yellow or orange. I was not a fan of flowers in those colors so naturally I never gave nasturtiums a second thought. One day I heard that nasturtiums were good companion plants for drawing pests and bugs away from vegetable plants. I started searching on the internet for nasturtiums and found some really unique and exciting colors. Here are ones in my garden now. I must say though, yellow and orange colors have become my new favorite colors in the garden. The above picture is the Caribbean Cocktail Mix, it is a pinkish red color and it is vibrant.

I know this picture above has nothing to do with nasturtiums but they are the pretty flowers I recently deadheaded. Don’t they look great as a wallpaper on the computer or an artsy print?

The nasturtium above is another variety called Tip Top Apricot. It is very pretty! The inside has brushstrokes of reds in the center. Below are more variety from the Caribbean Cocktail Mix of seeds. They are so beautiful and the fall season seems to be their favorite time of the year because they are expanding and blooming happily in my garden right now. Pictures were taken in the garden today and I wanted to share.

These are grown with my beets and some other Asian herbs.

Nasturtium doesn’t require a lot of water. They seem to do better in drier soil. It’s an easy to grow plant. I just found out also that it is edible too, so I will have to try that. I hope this post inspires you to grow some nasturtiums in your garden. They are great beauties!

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