Daylilies are one of the prettiest, most extravagant flowers I have ever seen. I would love to grow a whole field full of them. The colors are bright, bold and vivacious. I purchased a few mix collections from Spring Hill some years ago. Here are my beauties:

They are very easy to grow: dig a whole about 6 inches deep, put them in pointer side face up, and water. I planted them in the fall and the first spring it bloomed one or two flowers; they were very short and small. They also only bloomed once. The second year was this year and there were several blooms appearing one at a time for at least 3 months. The branches were taller and blooms were much bigger. They are very easy to maintain and doesn’t mind the heat waves we have here in California. The package says they are hardy in zones 3-9 but I live in zone 10a and it coped very well.

Try growing some. Don’t be intimidated by zones if it falls a little out of the zone by a few numbers!

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