Flowers Galore

Today, I wanted to share some lovely flowers from my garden. There are a variety of clematis, bachelor’s buttons, opus asters, California bluebells, paper daisy, four o’clocks, and chicory in this collection. Most were grown from seeds. I hope to show you a second part of the “Flowers Galore” next week.


The above picture consisted of paper daisy, some other daisy ( I cannot think of the name of this type of daisy) but I believe it has the word “golden” in it, and the last is the opus aster.

I wish I can remember the name of this one above because I want to have more of these cuties. It was not from seeds. This bloomed for one day and closed up to a pretty peach flowers at the end as you can see here.

Sweet Williams flowers – I love the deep purple of this flower bunch.

The above are pictures of four o’clocks, dahlias, and a rose mallow.

Chicory flowers – beautiful bunches of lavender blue blooms.
California Bluebells
Blue Bachelor’s Buttons

Also, the latest update on my gingkaku melon that I talked about several weeks ago. It has ripened and have gotten bigger. I think I will cut them open sometimes next week. The yellow one looks slightly smaller than the ones I have gotten from the Asian grocery stores. It did have such a sweet, ripened fruit fragrance though so maybe I will cut them tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Flowers Galore

  1. Would you take a photo of your entire garden? I’d like to get a sense of scale. I think you posted one a few weeks ago. Colors are so beautiful!


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