Phlox are one of my top five favorite flowers to grow. The colors are so vibrant and breathtaking! It made me smile when I see them peek out in the spring. They are such prolific bloomers, as you can see from these pictures. They will grow all the way into the fall if you give them plenty of water. I have some that are in partial shade and they are still alive from a year ago.

These phlox are the short variety and gather in small clumps like in the pictures. My phlox came from a seed mix I bought at Walmart. I love all the shades of purples, lavender, pinks, whites, and reds. They are fairly easy to grow. Phlox has a delicate fragrance. I love growing things from seeds because it is so inexpensive. I have grown almost every flower and vegetable seed packets that is out there. I give you my stamp of approval that these seeds are easy to grow!

I didn’t fertilize during the growing season, just gave them plenty of water. I snipped the dead flowers to encourage new blooms. The way they spread, they would be great in containers or as a ground cover. Do not move them once planted, especially in containers, I killed a couple of them doing that!

Start growing some phlox seeds next February, you’ll be rewarded with an abundance of colorful blooms!

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